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I’m looking into a feature that’s similar what we currently have. I’ve asked support about this and they said load balancer ‘maybe’ what I’m looking for but I wanted to check the community if it is the right feature or if anyone has experienced this situation before.

The website we’re trying to transition to Cloudflare is currently in dnsmadeeasy. We use a feature there called rollover IP or DNS failover. From what I understand, the website has two IP addresses, and when the primary IP fails or is down, it failover to the secondary IP. And when the primary comes back up, it automatically starts using the primary again.

More info from this site, What is DNS Failover and how does it work? DNS Made Easy Explains

I hope anyone can share their experience or know if there’s a similar feature in Cloudflare.

Thank you for reading!

Cloudflare have two features that can help.

On Paid plans, Zero Downtime Failover will retry failed origin requests using a different origin. But you don’t have control over which is used.

The Load Balancer product offers much more control over failover order, health checks etc. the example configurations cover your use case.


I use the load balancer to, well, balance the load - two origin IP (on different networks) configured to be used 50/50. If one fails Cloudflare automatically uses the good one until the failed one recovers, at which point it goes back to 50/50.

You can configure it to always use one address and failover to the second address instead of 50/50.


The link works for me. It takes me just fine to the DNS Failover article from dnsmadeeeasy. I’m not sure what you mean by the email harvesting device enrollment link.

If I understand the zero downtime failover correctly, if I add both IP addresses of my web server as A records, CloudFlare will automatically failover to one or another? We do have the enterprise plan.

It sounds like load balancer just gives us more control if we want a specific IP address to be the primary, is my understanding correct?

And thank you for these information and use case example!

Thanks for this information! It sounds like it’s exactly what we need that’s similar to what we have in dnsmadeeasy.

I apologize everyone! I fixed the link in my post.

If you have two A records and nothing else then clients will connect to any address, despite of its status. That’s how DNS works.

With Load Balancer you can have multiple origins (or a single origin with multiple IP addresses on different providers for network redundancy) and it will monitor the status and follow the rules you set on how to proceed if one address is down.

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