Rollback on previews versions

In my attempt to set the mail servers I changed several A records and as a result of doing something wrong the website crashed. Is there any possibility to rollback?

You can find your old IP’s in the audit log,

thank you for your message. im looking for this for an hour but there is no old value on this. Only the new appears.

Did you remove MX records or A records?

If A records and you cannot locate the IP, your hosting provider will know that

I made a lot of changes on both A & MX records. I have no idea which ip should be entered on which field. I think the problem is on A records. So actually is there a way to rollback on a previous version?

I found it. thank you very much for your help

No automatic control, you’d need to find the value in the record when you added it. It the site quit working, I’d focus on finding the original addition of the A record or check your hosting provider and ask for the IP of your origin. Your site developer will probably have this information as well.

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