Rollback my Email Routing activation?

I clicked on Email Beta (Email Routing) to check and accidentally clicked ahead, so it has enabled he email routing feature for my domain.

I’m not ready to use email routing yet, and I have not set up an destination addresses or the required Cloudflare’s MX records. The Email Routing page complains that the required MX records are missing and wanted me to delete my original MX records.

Is there any way to reset this, i.e. as if I haven’t enabled this feature. Otherwise, I suppose I can just leave it for now until I’m ready to go.

There is no need for RESET

Yes , you can leave it for now , & can Setup when you are ready for email routing

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Ok, thanks!

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Most Welcome :grin:

If so, kindly, I’d suggest you to check my post here in case it’s enabled and you wish to disable it / not use it for now:


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Hi fritex,

I have not configured anything yet. I went in Email Beta to have a look and I should have clicked “Cancel” button to quit, but I think I clicked “Skip” and got into the config page. Email routing is not active for me yet, so it’s not a problem. It’s just annoying that the config page keeps saying I have missing MX & TXT records, and also wants me to delete my existing MX records. I’ll leave it for now until I’m ready to config it.

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