Rogerbot from Moz Pro is being blocked

This seems an impossible task, let me explain.

When trying to run a campaign on Moz I am getting the error ’ Ooops. Our crawlers are unable to access that URL - please check to make sure it is correct. If the issue persists, check out for further help.’

I have already made sure that the htaccess file on the server is allowing this.
I have whitelisted the user agent that contains ‘rogerbot’ within Cloudflare.

But I notice in the security overview logs it is still being blocked by ‘Bot fight mode’.

In the Cloudflare version I have it is not possible to turn this off completely as I have seen in other posts. What I have been able to do though is in ‘security’ > ‘bots’ > ‘Configure Super Bot Fight Mode’ I have allowed both ‘Definitely automated’ and ’ Verified bots’ and have also turned off ‘Static resource protection’ and ‘JavaScript Detections’ and still this is not working.

Is there anyway to get this working without upgrading to a more expensive Cloudflare solution?

Just as I side note when I disable Cloudflare this seems to correct the issue I am having but I obviously want to keep this on to protect us and have a faster running website.

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