Rocketloader still giving JS error on Ucraft Platform



Gev here from Ucraft website builder.

We are getting JS error on our frontend connected with rocketloader.

I have read on this forum that other users have recently experienced the same issue, and then someone from the team confirmed that the issue is fixed, but it is not on our end.

Please see the screenshot.

Please help asap, the tools are down.


@simon seems to be the one looking into these. Hopefully he’ll pop in soon and check it out.


@balgev can you drop a line in to support with details on how to replicate (I cannot replicate on the URLs you shared) so we can take a look for you. You can keep Rocket Loader disabled globally for your domain or for specific URLs with a page rule while we investigate.


We have globally disabled Rocket Loader, that’s why you can’t see the error anymore.

You may enable it on a specific URL and find out the cause of the JS error!

Thank you!


@balgev - we can test internally without enabling it for anyone else - I checked before responding to you and was unable to produce the error from your screenshot on

Can you write a ticket in to Support with some more information on how to reproduce the error and we can take a look for you.

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