Rocketloader and Mirage as inline script

Can Rocketloader and Mirage be added as an inline script?

I’m trying to improve speed on a slow 3G network and these two scripts together take 660ms, just like the main page. The content download itself takes only about 120sec in total. So I think if I use inline script I would save 500ms.

Short answer: no.
Longer answer: it would be nice if it could load from your own domain’s cdn-cgi directory at Cloudflare. That should speed it up. I don’t know why this isn’t done. I’m sure they know better than me, though. i can still dream.



reason is simple. They would need lot of storage if they start serving from cdn-cgi. Currently they need to save it 1 location and take just few KB.

My problem with serving from a different domain is related to CSP and CORS.

I don’t see the storage issue. It would seem to be the same process as something like cdn-cgi/trace. I could be wrong. It’s certainly not just 1 location, as it’s using the Cloudflare network, just like everything else.

CSP is easy to fix. And I haven’t run into a CORS problem with it.

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I didn’t want to host scripts in my own domain, but put them there inlined directly into html. Just as the link to the script is added today.

I don’t think “they know better”, I take it as a design error.

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