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Since the optional choices for Rocket Loader functionality have been removed I am not able to add any new rule with it due to “Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004)”. I can set other type rules though.

Furthermore, it is not clear if it works at all; although, the Rocket Loader rules I set in the past do appear to be active on the front Page Rules page, but than I open them for editing they seem to be OFF. I’ve tried to change the setting to ON, but it would give the same Error.

Please kindly advise accordingly asap.

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I’m also getting the same issue. I wanted to test out Rocket Loader on some pages before rolling it out fully.

Thanks @vytas and @andrew for reporting this - we’re currently working on a fix for the page rules UI & API so that you can configure them correctly. I’ll update you here when this is fixed.

To clarify, the settings available for the new version of Rocket Loader are simplified to just On / Off. When Rocket Loader is On it will optimise the loading of all JS on the page, but you can instruct Rocket Loader to ignore particular scripts by following the advice here:

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I’m Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Youtube Video on my website, but it only works if Rocket Loader is disabled. Tried cfasync=“false” but did not work.

@keith.murphy if you have Rocket Loader enabled all JS is automatically deferred by Rocket Loader. data-cfasync="false" is to /stop/ rocket loader from deferring a particular JavaScript:

Can you explain more or give an example URL?

@vytas / @andrew - page rules issue should be fixed by the way.

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