Rocket Loader & Wordpress / Contact Form 7

I am using CloudFlare with my Wordpress website. Whenever I enable Rocket Loader, Contact Form 7 stops working (submissions do not go through).

Why does this happen? Anyone have a workaround? Rocket Loader seems useful for performance, but I need my contact form submissions, of course.

An URL where this applied while it applies would be good so we can debug this.

Unfortunately, I cannot as enabling it would lose any submissions trying to fill out the contact form.

I saw few topic already, and most thing is to disable Rocket Loader option to make sure your Contact Forms 7 work propperly.

Moreover, if you can modify the script of Contact Forms, you can try to disable Rocket Loader for it:

Or, maybe some kind of a solution like this one:

Or, using a Page Rule to target Contact Forms 7 plugin assets directory and disable Rocket Loader for that?

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