Rocket loader vs. w3 cash wordpress

Dear community members, maybe you can help, please?

I am using WP with W3Cash (minify off) and Cloudflare with Rocket loader ON. Page is working, no errors, just it is slow.
Google’s page speed insight will give it poor 20-26 score on mobile, would go 67-68% on mobile.
Both referring to a similar issue:
Google - Eliminate render-blocking resources 3.96 s
gtmetrix - Defer parsing of JavaScript

Now 5 out of 5 recommendations say if you use Cloudflare to minify, do no use anything else. Also when you use Rocket loader to asynchronously load Javascripts it is recommended not to mess it up with elsewhere … fine done that … and those javascripts are still render-blocking.

What should I do, please?
*** Please take into account that I am not programming, not entering the code(s).
Should I turn off Rocket loader and use autooptimise or Async JavaScript plugins to assinc javascripts?
What if I let Cloudflare do the JS assinc, but would enable w3cash to minify the css?

Or is there anything else I am doing wrong?

these are the pages:


Thank you for your kind help

Test as is. Make the suggested change. Flush all caches. Test again. Compare.

It’s very hard for anyone to make definite statements as to whether one option is better than the other. There are way too many elements involved, from hosting to a myriad of cache and optimization settings at the origin to the ISPs used by your visitors to get to your website.

I would just remember that page speed tests are great tools for when you start optimizing a website, but loose their accuracy as you move on. One of my sites has a poor result with Rocket Loader on, but a better speed, and a great result with Rocket Loader off, but a slower speed.

What would you prefer?


Thank you Floripare
I understand that testing and re-testing may eventually lead to a result, however, I may shut down the web page as well, as happened to me in the past.

Maybe my inexperienced eyes do not see in the page-speed or gtmetrix result something, that an experienced eye could catch and make a more detailed suggestion, please?


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