Rocket Loader Suggestion

When turning on Rocket Loader, it should auto write a <link rel=“preload” …> so this way it gets loaded right away.

I manually did this to some of my sites, and have noticed a significant improvement after doing this.

Additionally, any of the Cloud Apps should also have that written in as well, for example, the cookie EU statement thing… OR have it included in the Rocket Loader script (they’re not included currently, so not getting the improvements of Rocket).

That sounds like it’s defeating some of the design decisions of Rocket Loader. One goal is to defer some scripts until later to speed up initial page load.

When you say you noticed improvement, was that in page load time, or was it page render time?

Edit: I forgot to ask if you ran the page through Google Page Speed Insights before and after.

It shouldn’t defeat the purpose/design of Rocket Loader. It will still load the scripts when appropriate, it just preloads the Rocket Loader script right away.

And didn’t do Google’s, did do Webpagetest’s though:
Load time: around 1.360-1.650 seconds
Interactive: 3.5-3.7 seconds

Load time: around 0.730 to 1.300 seconds
Interactive: 2.0 to 2.500 seconds

All these tests were done over multiple days, different times, etc.

Also, the Cloudflare App is a render blocking script, sadly: