Rocket Loader stopped initiating scripts on all my managed websites

I’ve optimized quite many websites for speed using Cloudflare and Rocket Loader.
Recently I noticed a degradation in loading speed, and found that Rocket Loader stopped working, it doesn’t initiate the scripts any more.
Previously, when looking at the browser’s network tab, it could be seen that the “initiator” for all or most scripts is Rocket Loader, but now it doesn’t load any script.
I also noticed that Rocket Loader is loading later in the loading sequence.
Previously on the JS tab it loaded first, but now it loads near the end (not if this is related directly to the bug, but still it’s a noticeable change).
For example, this is my website which is affected by this new bug:

Hope it gets fixed,

I found another bug report saying that when HTML minification is on, Rocket Loader stops working. I can confirm, this is the source of this new bug. Once I disabled HTML minification, Rocket Loader started working immediately.