Rocket Loader Performance Scores Consistently lower

My site: using LiteSpeed Cache. This is a Wordpress site.

I have enabled Rocker Loader and the minify areas of CloudFlare. Under LiteSpeed Cache I have tweaked, losslessly, images with some page optimizations. I have 10 plugins required by the theme. I have only 4 other plugins. Total plugins: 14.

I don’t see any improvement, in fact a degradation, with Rocket Loader. Perhaps my theme is just not efficient and it’s taking the time to load the java scripts too long for 90% scores in PageSpeed.

With GTmetrix, I see the following

There are 2 static components without a far-future expiration date.

So, I’m getting dinged for that in YSlow, getting a score of C (78). PageSpeed Scores is 99%

In PageSpeed Insights, I have a score of 65 (before Rocket Loader it was 76) with the following comments about Rocket Loader:

Avoid document.write()

The Avoid comment has been there for several days now.

I also see this:

A long cache lifetime can speed up repeat visits to your page.

(|None|335 KiB|

(|2 d|5 KiB|

(|2 d|1 KiB|

It honestly looks like if I were to remove the Rocket Loader, not only would my scores improve but my page times would be faster.

Does that make sense? Should I just uncheck the Rocket Loader?

I very rarely use Rocket Loader. I have better luck with Autoptimize. As I recall, even the Litespeed plugin does a pretty good job of optimizing JS and CSS.

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