Rocket Loader Page Rules Help


After upgrading to WordPress 5.5 and the latest themes and plugins, I’m facing several plugin and theme clashes with Cloudflare Rocket Loader in the backend of our site Starzip. The main problem is that the page editor of the theme we use no longer works properly -> Tagdiv’s page editor. Since the theme does not officially support the Rocket Loader, I cannot get help from there.

For this reason I tried to disable the Rocket Loader for the backend with a page rule.First I tried*
Rocket Loader: Off

But that didn’t solve the issue. Then I tried*
Rocket Loader: Off

but that also didn’t solve the issue. Only disabling Rocket Loader completely helps. But I would like to leave it enabled in the frontend.

The problem is probably that the pagebuilder is a front end page builder. And even though the URL starts from the backend (here the full URL: it seems to load the frontend code that contains Rocket Loader.

Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this with a page rule? Thanks in advance!

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