Rocket Loader on Sub Domain Only

Dear Forum Members,

We have seen that Cloudflare recommends turning on Rocket Loader for our site and we would also like to try out Cloudlfares ‘minify’ function:

We use the BeaverBuilder Plugin and Rocket Loader has some incompatibilities with the plugin:

Hence, we would like to thoroughly test it before we go live.

We currently have set the DNS to bypass Cloudflare for our staging site:

How can we activate Rocket Loader and Minify in the Cloudflare Dashboard for the staging site only?

Currently, if we activate it, it would be active for both the live & staging site.

We would very much appreciate your help.

Many thanks,

Pairfum London

Hi @internet3,

I have not tested this, but I expect a page rule like this would work:

However it would not work if you had the records set to :grey:

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