Rocket Loader not ignoring JS

I’m using a chat software that won’t load with Rocket Loader ( I used the tag in here: How can I have Rocket Loader ignore specific JavaScripts? – Cloudflare Help Center

But it doesn’t work for this. This is my script tag:

<script data-cfasync="false" src="//" async></script>

The website the tag is on is:

Do you have any idea of what might be going on?

Thank you guys,

Your script tag didn’t show up, nor the actual URL where the problem is.

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Thank you @sdayman, I’m new here, I just fixed the error.

Your site isn’t using Rocket Loader. Maybe you turned it off.

Since it’s a third party script, all Rocket Loader would do would be defer that script. It looks like you’re trying to tell CF to not async that script, but it still has an async tag at the end.

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Yes, I turned it off. Thank you for pointing the “async” at the end, I just took it out.

Still, if I turn Rocket Loader on, the chat widget won’t load, no luck.

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