Rocket Loader lost the menu on mobile

My site has Rocket Loader enabled.
Like when accessing on mobile, the menu is faulty.
Turn off Rocket Loader, the menu works normally.
Can you tell me how to turn on Rocket Loader and still not crash the menu?

Rocket Loader can interfere with scripts you have on your site that rely specifically on load order.

If you know specifically which scripts aren’t compatible through testing, you can disable rocket loader for these specifically: Ignore JavaScripts in Rocket Loader · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs. Or you can disable the feature entirely. You will need to test and experiment with any code on your site though - that’s not something we can help directly with.

Outside of that, the benefits of Rocket Loader are pretty much zero these days if you’re using modern development techniques and async/defer-ing any scripts in your head anyway.

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Thanks @cherryjimbo so much.

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