Rocket Loader loads twice

Hello, the community! I have big problems with the rocket loader. I’ve tried to contact support, but they every time give me ‘great’ advice - turn off this tool…
Problem: When I first time go to the page (on incognito for example) - all of my scripts are commented

included rocket script

I have been studying why a lot of time and found one thing:
if I open view-sourse I see 2 !!! scripts of rocket loader which I suppose, are blocking each other

Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot
Please help me! I’m desperate! Previously (a near month ago) everything works nice and we had a good google speed index. But now no.

What happens if you disable the Rocket loader at Cloudflare dashboard under Speed → Optimization → Rocker loader?

You can also specify for some JavaScript resource(s) to be excluded to run with Rocker loader if there are some conflicts as stated in the article below:

More information about Rocker Loader can be found here:

of course we’ve turned off it on prod sites, but we need to find solution.
and of course I’ve studied all of these links and all internet about this problem.
I know about data-cfasync, but all my scripts commented, all! If I use this attribute for all of them - rocket will do nothing, right?

Is it actually loading twice? The only screenshots I’ve seen are HTML, but nothing from a browser’s Dev Tools.

Do you have any other ideas why all my scripts are commented on?

Only on some pages and only in Firefox, I get this message in console

Sorry, I still don’t have enough data to evaluate the problem. Can you post the ticket #? @cloonan may be able to escalate the ticket to the Rocket Loader team.

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Please post ticket # here, I will have a look.


request (#2107647)

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Ok, it is adding twice to HTML. And then all my scripts get commented and no one loads. And then, when I reload the page this script adds only one time

, and all scripts load and work well. Is it really a problem on our site? I don’t think so

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