Rocket Loader issue with browser extension

it’s 2 months that in firefox I use the extension Video Speed Controller, today I found out that it has some conflicts with websites that uses rocket loader.
Every scripts in the pages stop working and in console it output this error:
Error: Permission denied to access property “__rocketLoaderInlineHandlerProxy”

Is there a way to fix it without removing Video Speed Controller?

Hi @nberardozzi,

Have you tried out any Video Speed Controller alternative to check if the problem persists?

Googling for “__rocketLoaderInlineHandlerProxy” I found a issue on GitHub (not related to Cloudflare, nor the extension) where this Rocket Loader error was fixed by the author.

Maybe you should contact the Video Speed Controller developers.

Anyway, I’m not a developer, This is just an attempt to help. :slight_smile:


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