Rocket Loader is not working


Hi there,
Very strange story so far.
Rocket Loader is enabled and it will add /cdn-cgi/scripts/4f936b58/cloudflare-static/rocket-loader.min.js to page. But…nothing happening. It does not make a “bag” anymore. You can check youself:
I could not tell you exact for how long it is like that, about a week more or less.
Do you have any idea?


I’m not entirely sure the “bag” file was there after they revamped Rocket Loader a month or so ago. I tried the recent Rocket Loader, but turned it back off again (site runs great without it). But I don’t remember seeing the “bag” file.


All js file were collected into a “bags”. Depends on a sequence and location on a page. That was visible on a GT Metrix.
It did reduce my page load time even by using http2
But, I don’t see those “bags” anymore. Seems like only cloudflare script is included and nothing more.


I’m thinking the rocket-loader.min.js file is the new bag. Considering that I don’t see any other .js files on your site, this might be it.


That is very strange if you don’t see any other js file. There is about 30 js files (depends on a page). And the are not included to a “bags”


Ok, I let Pingdom run for a while and all those other .js files loaded. Dunno, then. Rocket-Loader is black magic to me, so I don’t use it.


Rather than measuring the # of JS requests, you should compare the load & paint/render timings before & after Rocket Loader. To understand more about the new version of Rocket Loader and how it works take a look here:

Rocket Loader defers the loading of your JavaScript - the beta version bundled JS files into a smaller number of requests (known internally as “the bag”) but as HTTP/2 (which multiplexes HTTP requests down a single connection) is now commonplace this is a less useful optimisation. It also made the code less stable as well has having some potential XSS exploits. The new version removes all of that (ahem) baggage and is much simpler, safer and more stable while still improving your render & loading times on JavaScript heavy websites.


Cool. I did not notice those changes to Rocket Loader. Thank you for explanation.
Now, I’ve got clear view.


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