Rocket Loader iframe - page reloads

Hello everybody,
we have the Rocket Loader active, with pages with iframe (e.g. Youtube integration) there is the error that the page reloads again and again.

Is there a way to exclude the iframe similar to javascripts?

I don’t see how Rocket Loader has any effect on the contents of an iFrame, since that’s from some other domain. Can you post an example?

Hello here’s an example,
as soon as I remove the iframe or deactivate the Rocket Loader everything works. Otherwise the page reloads again and again.

Which of them ist your iframe?
Is it served from your host directly or external?

I’m having trouble pinning down what is triggering the reload. I see a xanario file that looks to be the last thing that loads before the page reloads.

If you turn off Rocket Loader for the entire site, does the reloading stop?

When the Rocket Loader is off, everything is fine.
It also only comes to problems as soon as an iframe is on the page.
Which xanario file could it be? Then I will test it.

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