Rocket Loader for CSS

It would be nice if there was a CSS version of Rocket Loader. Basically, a css concatenation for each page. I’ve built one in ColdFusion, handling both internal and external css and then caching that. I authored TinyMCE’s compressor for ColdFusion (way back when) using those methods. Seems like something highly feasible through Cloudflare tech.

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Neat idea!

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Ideally, a feature like this should separate the “above the fold” styles (Critical CSS) and insert them inline, while combining ALL of the stylesheets and inline style blocks, in order of appearance, into a file that gets loaded onto the page as well AFTER the page has been loaded.

Then, on additional visits within the same session, the CCSS inline style block is no longer required, assuming that all pages use the same styles.

Alternatively, the inline CCSS can be added to every page load, and not to the combined stylesheet.

When using APO, this “CSS Rocket Loader” only needs to run once per caching period for each page.

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I’d love to see this as well. Our “above the fold” content is highly variable between pages.