Rocket Loader events proxy breaks Angular app change detection

Hi there,

I’m having an issue similar to the one described here. I guess this breaks many Angular apps due to how change detection works. Angular uses zones for change detection, and zone.js monkey-patches most of the browser’s async APIs, such as XHR and events, and provides hooks to act when any of these async events are triggered in a zone.

In this case, somehow Rocket Loader is preventing the onpopstate event from being handled by Angular “in the zone”, which causes the app content to disappear (because Angular didn’t detect any change) until another async event occurs in the zone the app is running.

As soon as we added Rocket Loader we started seeing great improvements in page load speed, but this bug is holding us back from using it. It would be great having it working properly again. I hope my insight helps you detect the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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