Rocket Loader - Envira Gallery JS Conflict

I recently activated Rocket Loader on my site. I’m using Envira Gallery and it seems that Rocket Loader has broken it. I disabled minify JS and that does not help. I’m 100% sure it’s rocket loader because I can disable it and the problem goes away.

Oddly, not all pages exhibit the same issue. Only some. You can see all of them here.

Thoughts on how to resolve this? I see where I can add code to not use Rocket Loader on this script, but from what I can read it should be compatible and could be an issue of the order JS is loaded in. not sure.

well… I installed the Cloudflare plugin into wordpress and selected the option to optimize Cloudflare for wordpress. I don’t see any changes it made in, but it did solve my problem with Rocket Loader on the website. The pages are all loading as expected. I would love to know what it did, but we can consider this SOLVED.

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