Rocket loader doesn't work on mobile


I use cloudflare’s free plan on my website and it is really good, except on mobile where I get 10s loading time on GTMetrix.
Looking at the waterfalls, it seems that Rocket Loader doesn’t apply on mobile (and also that Lazy loading is being ignored but that’s not cloudflare’s fault)

Here is my mobile report :
Here is my desktop report :

Looking at the documentation, it says that rocket loader is compatible with 93% of mobile, and the one that are not uses really old versions of android, so do you have any idea where this issue might come from ?

You disabled Cloudflare between tests. It’s still disabled, so you won’t see Rocket Loader on either test now.


Sorry I sent the wrong test, I disabled cloudflare to make some test on my cache plugin.
Here is the good one, which is quiet similar :

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