Rocket Loader doesn't use passive listeners

Here’s the Google performance report on that we’re handling.

It seems like Google doesn’t like the event listeners set in the rocket-loader.js script since they don’t seem to use passive listeners. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi David,

To my knowledge, Rocket Loader itself doesn’t add touch or wheel event listeners - but if your own Javascript code does it will have handle these in some cases, so the report may list rocket-loader.min.js as the source of the event listener when actually your underlying code triggered it.

If you disable Rocket Loader, I think you will get the same warning but it will point to the actual script on your site that is using this technique.

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Hi Simon, thanks for your quick reply! You’re absolutely right. I had checked the source of rocker-loader.min.js and since there was a reference to event listeners I assumed it was the culprit, but indeed testing locally pointed me to the incriminated file :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help :wink:

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