Rocket Loader does not appear to be working anymore


HI, I turned on Rocket Loader for some of my Magento sites with immediate improvement.

However, it appears to no longer be providing “Defered Parsing of Javascript” like it was before.

Any ideas?



Rocket Loader will rewrite your script tags which defers parsing - it will then asynchronously load these later so as not to block the rendering of your website.

Can you perhaps provide some more details about what you are seeing?


Hi, After initially turning on the Rocket Loader, we saw that the “defer parsing of javascript” was no longer a problem when we run tests on our website like “gtmetrix”. This gave our sites a much better score.

however, at this time, the web tests are again reporting that “defer parsing of javascript” is a problem on the site which has translated to a very bad score card.

We are running Magento Enterprise 1.14 and not using any other defer method at this time except CloudFlare.



Hi Jacob,

I’ll message you privately to get a URL from you where we can see this.

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