Rocket Loader Disabled


Anyone else noticed the Rocket loader feature is disabled?


It’s still available for me. I just don’t use it since HTTP/2 eliminates my need for Rocket Loader.


I have paid a free accounts with Cloud flare and its disabled on all the sites i have with cloud Flare?
Can i have reply from the cloud flare rep on this issue?


If you want a reply from a Cloudflare rep, I suggest you open a Support ticket. They’ll be able to look into your account.


Not aware of any issues with Rocket Loader. I checked a few of my zones and all have the option (regardless of plan level). Did you submit a ticket to support? Do you have a ticket number?


Correction - After doing some more digging I’ve confirmed that there is an issue with Rocket Loader and it’s not active for anyone. They are working on it and hope to have it resolved this week.


@ryan : Assume this is the same issue as is resulting in HTML not being minified presently? (At least not on any of my domains).


Is there a place where we can track the status of this issue?


When is it finally being fixed?


The issue is still being fixed, but it’s a high priority. If you would like to be notified when there is an update you can submit a support ticket and let me know the ticket number. I’ll add it to the incident and you’ll get a notification with any updates.


ticket number 1390066


Looks like you are already added. Updates should hopefully be coming soon.

Sorry for the frustration.


I this issue resolved now? Open a ticket a week ago?


Hi there, afraid not, Rocketloader still seems disabled. I have a ticket open for it with support since August 7th, in which , like here, the problem is acknowledged. The last update there was;

Right now RocketLoader is disabled while we work on some issues with it - we’ll update you when this is resolved.

Hope they resolve it soon :slight_smile: Rocketloader can improve some things even in our newly setup server stack / flow.


10 days now. Can we get an update?


Dear Cloudflare any update would be appreciated for sure.
Could you provide us with one perhaps?


Let me see what I can find as far as an update.


Hello all,

It turns out that the fix involves a few different things that are all being worked at the same time. Tentatively planning to enable it next week, but that’s not set in stone. Stay tuned! Sorry for the delays.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the update!
No worries :slight_smile: as long as there is communication im more then content myself.
Looking forward to hear back from you later on.



Any chance we can get another update on the status of Rocket Loader?