Rocket Loader disabled but still showing when inspecting page

Our website was connected to Cloudflare previously but no one had the login details for the account. We had an issue on our website that was related Rocket Loader so to disable it we redirected the NS to our webhost but rocket-loader.min.js still showed when inspecting the page. We created a new Cloudflare account and use those NS now. In the new account Rocket Loader is disabled yet it’s still showing when inspecting the page. We’ve cleared the Cache from the website end, browser cache, and we’ve also cleared it from within our Cloudflare dashboard yet it’s still showing. How do we get rid of it completely?

If you look at all the resources, you’ll see that Rocket Loader is called multiple times by the Bookings.Timely service you use. The only way to get rid of it completely is to stop using that booking service on your website.

Thank you! Just when your reply came in I figured out the same thing too. Appreciate the reply.

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