Rocket Loader causes jQuery error not loading galleries on mobile

I have an issue on my website which seems to be caused by rocket loader. Galleries are not loaded on mobile devices. I tried to exclude rocket loader from pages with galleries through page rules but it didn’t help. Here’s a screenshot of the errors:
What can be done here?

I think it’s one of your WP plugins causing the issue. Turn off all javascript optimization plugins in your wp admin.

Thank you @jules!
I tried that once again. It doesn’t help unfortunately.

If you have all javascript optimizations turned off, then the issue is in one of your javascripts.

Thanks again, @jules!

I’ve figured out what caused the issue at last! It was a combination of settings in two of my plugins (Fast Velocity Minify and Async Javascript). Played with the settings and now the error is gone.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. Enjoy the week ahead!

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