Rocket Loader breaks a script even when I disable it under Page Rules and Configuration

Rocket Loader breaks a script on one specific page on our website even when I disable Rocket Loader under both Page Rules and Configuration. If I disable Rocket Loader sitewide, the problem is resolved on that page.

The error in the script is TypeError which runs 1,200 times with error " null is not an object (evaluating ‘q_.hasAttribute’)"

The error is gone when the Rocket Loader is disabled sitewide, as noted. I’ve tried adding the cf-async to the script that is breaking on the page as well.

The question is, how is it still breaking this script if I am disabling Rocket Loader via both page rules and configuration, and the page is still broken until I turn off Rocket Loader sitewide? Isn’t disabling it for that page equivalent to a sitewide disable from the point of view of that single page load I have Rocket loader excluded from?

I guess not. Try turning it off site-wide, then use a Configuration Rule with a NOT expression for the page you don’t want it active on, as described at the bottom of this page:

Thanks. If I disable it sitewide it does disable that page and the entire site. The result I want (maybe my original post is not clear in how I explained it) is the entire site with Rocket Loader active except for the one page. It is that one page I excluded via page rules and configuration rules so it won’t load Rocket Loader.

For some reason that one page breaks unless I do disable Rocket Loader sitewide. The exclusion rules don’t seem to either exclude the page or I wonder if some script from the rest of the website is being loaded differently on the excluded page when Rocket loader is active.

As I said, that’s probably not the right approach, as it doesn’t seem to be working. That’s why I recommended you turn Rocket Loader off site wide, and use a Configuration Rule to enable it if the URL is NOT the page.

Ok I was confused by your original reply. This makes sense. I’ll give it a try today and see if it remedies the issue and report back. thanks

Gave it a try. That yielded the same result as before.

There must be some script on our website that, outside of the specific page it still loads incorrectly due to Rocket loader being enabled on all the other pages. Somehow it is not strictly loading all scripts and assets on this one page as if it was truly disabled on that page.

By merely enabling it on our other pages it still affects the script loads on the excluded page.

The script that isn’t functioning properly is one that is loaded via a 3rd party website which shouldn’t matter if we are telling it to not utilize anything with rocket loader on that one page. Loading that page should be identical to when we turn Rocket Loader off sitewide, but it isn’t.