Rocket Loader - better with or without?


I’ve been tinkering with various plugins and settings to get my page load time reduced as far as possible. GTMetrix currently shows it at 0.5secs which I’m very happy with.

Looking at the waterfall tab the biggest delay now seems to be - rocket-loader.min.js.

Being very much a beginner I’m not fully sure what rocket loader is actually doing to benefit my site. If I were to disable it would speed improve or would it actually degrade because of the advantages of using it? (I know I could probably test it for myself but I don’t want to break it!!!)

Site for reference:


I have some sites that are quicker without it. It’s up to you, but I would leave it on for a couple of days and test-drive your site from a Privacy Mode browser, then turn it off for a couple of days and test-drive it again. During testing, use your browser’s Dev Tools’ Network tab to watch performance.

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OK, thanks for he feedback.

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