Rocket Loader/APO issue with Google Analytics/AdSense starting 3/5/21

Hi - I’m a Rocket Loader and APO user. Last Friday (3/5) my Google Analytics and Google AdSense traffic declined by 80%, however, Cloudflare (and Google Search Console) showed stable traffic. I had never had any issues before, but it seems like either Rocket Loader or APO is the culprit.

Anyone else having recent issues with GA/AdSense and Rocket Loader? Did Cloudflare make any changes to either Rocket Loader or APO recently to cause this? Any remedies?

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I have it turned on and have not seen an impact on my AdSense earnings.
That said you can disable the feature for specific scripts. See this:

You can add the attribute to your AdSense script tags.
Also, AdSense is loaded asynchronously by default so I not sure that Rocket provide much improvement for AdSense scripts.

Thanks. Yeah, it is very odd. I have made zero code or settings changes until I turned Rocket Loader off today after process of elimination, and it looks like everything is working again now. Sadly, I lost $1,000’s before I figured out Rocket Loader was the cause. It had been working fine for years.

@gabespartan could your site url or create support ticket so we can investigate? Last week we started APO rollout of tiered caching, maybe it is related. Do you have Wordpress plugin installed and activated?

Yes, I do have the Wordpress plugin installed. I just created a ticket.

@gabespartan what’s the ticket number?


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Did you have Rocket Loader activated before APO?

I noticed the difference in your site config:

  • naked domain doesn’t return cf-edge-cache response header
  • www. domain does

Could you make sure to install WP plugin against naked domain ( and check it with:

curl -svo /dev/null '' -H 'accept: text/html' 2>&1 | grep '< cf-edge-cache'

Hi Yevgen -

Yes, I had been using Rocket Loader for years, just started APO in January.

I’m not sure what you mean by installing the plugin against a naked domain. I haven’t used www. ever. How would I remedy this?

Please follow the FAQ.

But having a www and non www can cause APO/GA/Adsense issue?

It’s shouldn’t in theory, I try to help with a clear APO misconfiguration.

In that dashboard, APO says it is running against both the non www. domain and the www. domain. My www. automatically redirects to non www. - so I don’t know what else I can do to change.
I’m not sure how the help article would remedy, as it says that it is detecting the plugin.

Do you have A www and A or using CNAME record at your Cloudflare dashboard?
Moreover, is your WordPress installed on or
Do you have some redirection from www to non-www or vice-versa?

There is a www CNAME with DNS proxy only.
There is an automatic redirect from www to non-www.

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Should I remove the www CNAME?

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