Rocket Loader and Preloaded Image

I’m preloading an image through my Wordpress theme function. I see vast improvements with Rocket Loader on my PageSpeed Insights however when I turn on Rocket Loader it stops this above the fold image from being preloaded. I see that I can get RL to ignore JavaScript files but this is just a simple insert of the image I need to preload, there’s no JS. Is there not a way to get Rocket Loader to ignore things besides JS?

Rocket Loader handles JavaScript files and scripts.

You can try to identify the file that is somehow handling the preloading.

  • Turn off RL;
  • Purge Cloudflare cache;
  • Visit your site with Dev Tools open (F12), On the Network tab, select JS files. then block JS files from loading one by one.

This should give you a chance to visually identify which JS file is affecting the background image.

If you are successful in identifying the JS file, you then have a choice of either changing the theme or plugin that is setting it, or setting RL to ignore that file.

Also, in case you are making use of a WordPress plugin that optimizes JavaScript at the origin, such as Autoptimize or Litespeed Cache, you can test different combinations of their settings with Rocket Loader.

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Thanks for replying, I’ll give that a try.

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