Rocket Loader and preload tags

Hi folks

We use preload tags around our site, with different pages loading different sets of scripts, or even the same page loading different scripts depending on if user is logged in, account ads are enabled/disabled, etc.

How does Rocket Loader work with preload tags? Do they interfere with each other, speed up overall page, any side effects?

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If you’re using preload it’s best to have RocketLoader ignore those scripts you are preloading, see: How can I have Rocket Loader ignore my script(s) in Automatic Mode?. If you don’t instruct RocketLoader to skip them then they will likely be loaded twice which is going to hurt performance and waste bandwidth.

In general with RocketLoader I’d recommend testing before & after enabling - it’s important to understand how it performs for your specific use-case.


Thanks, makes sense - should’ve thought this one out.

Since we’re preloading pretty much all scripts might be better to just leave as it is for now.

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No worries - for what it’s worth that’s the first time I’ve seen this question asked here or elsewhere, so definitely worth asking!

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