Rocket Loader and Elementor

Please help me!
I’m not a programmer. I updated a Wordpress website design for a friend using Elementor. I never had any issues with Rocket Loader and Elementor while I was redesigning the site but all the sudden I can’t load Elementor to edit any of my pages.
Can anyone help me with detailed instructions on how to disable Rocket Loader so it doesn’t affect Elementor? I have even deactivated Cloudflare altogether to no avail. When I deactivate Cloudflare the Rocket Loader javascript file still shows up in the page console.
The site was never even set up to use Cloudflare and it is not pointing to the Cloudflare DNS servers.
If anyone can help I will give as much info as I can with my limited knowledge.

Hi, I also have the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

please I also need help, Elementor tells me that the possible problem is my Rocket Loader, it gives me code instructions that I should insert within the parameters of Cloudflare, but I am not a programmer and I do not want to touch the code for fear of breaking

please help me Cloudlfare team

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