Rocket loader and content negotiation response


When we use rocket loader with cache everything. Rocket loader run after thing get cached on Edge Location.(rocket loader script page does not get cached on edge location, it is on the fly between edge to end user) It cause a Content Negotiation response - The response body is different when content negotiation happens.

For SSL protected site is it ok?

one more thing I would like to add. Can we self host rocket loader script? Rather than using ajax.Cloudflare hosted script?

Hi @user3011, we don’t support self hosting of rocket loader script. I am curious to know what are the benefits you want to achieve with self-hosting approach? RL script is served from Cloudflare CDN and it will be cached on the client as well.


the problem is firefox blocked every third party cookie by default now. One of those cookies set by (script for rocket loader). How to prevent that from happening?

I’m not aware about cookies set from RL script, if it is the case it’s unrelated to RL logic.

Is it possible to run rocket loader before caching on edge rather than running after edge cache? If i cache the page rocket loader runs over cache page. Rocket loaded page scripts never get cached on edge.

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