[ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn't have settings. No scripts will be executed



I have this issue more then 24 hours now!
Can you please fix it soon as possible! because i pay a lot of money for promoting my site. And its down for more then 24 hours. I am not happy with this.

Error: [ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn’t have settings. No scripts will be executed.
Fix this soon as possible!


UnboxingsIts for
I don’t know why it says VGOChest.
But i need very fast help with this problem


I have the same problem! How to fix it? It creates a huge problems for my bussines.


Yes i have the same! i spend this week 200$ for marketing! And now is the website down for more then 2 days. i am not happy with it. So i change my nameservers back to my hosting. i don’t want to use cloudflare anymore. maybe you can do the same.


Same problem for me too. Any news?