[ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn't have nonce. No scripts will be executed

Same here, had to disable Rocket Loader. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

Update along the way.

If visitors are seeing this issue on your site, please disable rocker loader for the moment. I know the team is aware of this and I’ll post back when I have an update. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

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Please do not post again to report the issue, simply disable Rocket loader for the moment. Related team is aware of it, so it seems interesting to stay posted and get relevant notification only when they will have a solution :slight_smile:

I have disabled Rocket Loader. But now there is an error “Activator script doesn’t have settings. No scripts will be executed.” What i have to do? Change DNS?

I have 2 days the same problem with unboxings.site rocket loader can you please fix it soon as possible.

is there more news yet! because every lost i make with my website i will claim on you Cloudflare! i dont like it this way my site is broken more then 4 days now. all the lost what i make, i will ask it back from you. it makes me very upset! you develop a function that is not working correctly. Why you bring it our without testing this sort of things. Bad for reputation i think.

Please follow @trustweb’s advice.

@domjh @trustweb
No problem i already send a ticket! Everyday my site is offline i will claim 100$ from Cloudflare so no problem. I hope it will takes weeks before fixing.

This is getting off topic. I highly doubt you will be able to claim that from Cloudflare given as your website will function correctly by just disabling rocket loader. It is not like your entire website will be down.

My website is complete broken by using this fake service of Cloudflare so yes! I will claim my 100$ per day for being offline with this service.


Are we still waiting for an update here on this thread?

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused. I received an update from the team, at some point there was a discrepancy in the Rocket Loader code which caused the script loading to fail and the error that you’re seeing. This should not longer be happening and you can re-activate Rocket Loader.

If you experience the issue after re-activation, can you please let support know so that they can investigate? Login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support. On the ticket, please let support know:

  1. Which location is not working?
  2. What is the device on which you’re seeing the issue?
  3. What issue you are seeing?

And, please share the ticket number here so we can keep an eye on it.

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I still got the problem on my unboxings.site i disable the function Rocket Loader, and i have send support an ticket. Can you fix this please. its more then 5 a 6 days that my site is complete broken.

I don’t see any relation between a broken website and rocket loader. Disabling rocket loader is not supposed to broke anything… by the way I re-enabled RL this morning and so far no issue repoted. Thank you guys

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Hi @aaitpoes, can you update the ticket and let them know 1. Which location is not working/location where you see the errors? 2. What is the device on which you are are seeing the issue? 3. What issue you are seeing?

And, can you confirm if you paused Cloudflare? If so, what was the effect?

There are other open questions on the ticket, but if you can give some insight to these that will help.

@cloonan sure i already create a ticket. If i pause Cloudflare i got an blanked page!. But i will see that the support says then.

A completely broken javascript execution, that breaks all website for some customers, I don’t know how it depends, but the guy who was sitting next to me with the same browser and os had this issue I didn’t. It’s been already for several days creating a lot of damage for our customers. Clearing cache on Cloudflare side didn’t help.

Guys, can you please update us what should we do, Cloudflare behaviour is very irresponsible, we don’t know how your rocket loader works, but even after disabling it, We got 1 week of customers complains. The cache cleaning helps but most of the customers don’t know how to do that. Again, it breaks js on our SPA pages, means all our business operations are affected with this bug for the whole week. Please provide a solution, explanations. We are paying customer and expecting a better support for such a terrible error. All I heard is just “yeah we got a ticket somewhere, the issue should be fixed” The issue is not fixed, we still have error reports from customers every day!

@max8, please do let support know if you’re still having issues. And on the ticket, please include the detail of the device your colleague is using. Once you have the ticket, I’ll add the notes from this thread and the info about clearing cache not working.

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