[ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn't have nonce. No scripts will be executed


I had to disabled rocketloader because we meet the current message in chrome since today : [ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn’t have nonce. No scripts will be executed.

It completely blocks script loading and I have no idea where it could come from. No changes on our side. This issue occurs on multiple pages.

Hi @trustweb, sorry for the issues with this. I see the support team is aware of the problem and working on it. I’ll keep an eye out on their progress and post back.

Edit - Are still seeing this issue? We did see a few other reports, but they’re no longer seeing it. We are deploying new Rocket Loader features and engineering is checking to determine if this caused the temporary issue.

Definitely still seeing the issue here.

Hi, I am facing the problem as well. Tks.

Thank you @dst.graham & @diegpl.blog, I’ve let the support team know it’s still an issue. Will keep an eye out for updates. If you open a ticket, pls note it here.

Same thing for us as well, We have had to disable rocket loader as our site was completely broken!

The team reported these stopped about the same time you posted @it184, if you’re still seeing the issue, please do let support know and post the ticket here so we can keep watch on it.

Detected this issue on our website. Have disabled Rocket Loader temporarily.

Same here. Curiously, within the same office, same network, we had some computers having and some not having the Rocket Loader issue, mac,pc,chrome,safari, without discrimination. Not sure why, I guess they were not hitting the same Cloudflare server? Now works for everyone after turning it off.

Same here. Some machines work when reloading the page with a cache refresh.

This happened on every site who uses rocket loader (at least the ones i visit), i am unable to use most websites.

Will we get an update here when it is safe to start using Rocket Loader again?

The team believes it has been fixed and I don’t see new open tickets. If you’re still seeing it, can you let support know?

So far so good yes, I will keep you posted if something is wrong again. Thank you !

Hello Yesterday javascripts stopped working all over the site in the console “[ROCKET LOADER] Activator script doesn’t have nonce. No scripts will be executed” . Roket was disabled. Write in a ticket? Or are you already working on a problem?

Have same issue. Turned off Rocket Loader, purged cache, turned on dev mode, 20min and Rocket Loader is still active. Not sure what to do.

  • It’s working again, by turning on DNS only settings.

we’re also affected dev mode and turn off rocket loader doesn’t help , our customer still not able to use our website.

ANY NEWS?? my site was “broken” fro 5-6 hours yesterday
When we can re-enable the rocket loader?

As @cloonan said,