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Hi, I have enabled Cloudflare though my host provider and started to set up some few features to speed up my site. One of these features is Rocket Loader. After I enable it, my site could not load properly. I contact my host provider, which added the proper CSP code and checked the issue around but with no result. Is there any verified fix this? Thank you

You’ll have to either disable it, or post the URL of the page that’s not working.

well, I know that disabling it solve the problem, but I wanted to catch some speed with it. Do you need my home page url?

I use litespeed. Will W3 plugin solve the issue? I see here: that this plugin includes this Rocket option.

Your CSP doesn’t check anything, except forcing HTTPS:
content-security-policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

Could you be more specific? RocketLoader isn’t compatible with all JS, and you’d have to open a Support Ticket to have them troubleshoot. You don’t need Rocket Loader enabled, as they can test it without being enabled on your site.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

This means that my host provider didn’t set the CSP properly?
My site do not display images, cookie banner, menu functionality and either isn’t possible to click and trig their functionality. So… I will open a support ticket.

I see you’re not using Cloudflare DNS servers, and a DNS lookup of your host gives inconsistent results. It should show three “A” records, and three “AAAA” records, all belonging to Cloudflare. But it’s showing three “A” records that are Cloudflare, and one “AAAA” record that’s Hostinger.

Did you activate your domain on Cloudflare, or did you do it at Hostinger?

Hostinger obviously suggested to activate Cloudflare with them. What should I do to get full speed with Cloudflare DNS servers? Pls help me to solve this.

The IPv6 address is incorrect. Please ask Hostinger to fix it. Without that being correct, I can not troubleshoot your site, as I use IPv6 to connect.

I asked right now to Hostinger to fix the IPv6 address. I am waiting for them to fix it. By the time I received this from them: "I could assure you the CloudFlare has been correctly setup. It would be pointed to CloudFlare via A Record and CNAME. As of now, I could see that your A Record has been proxied, which means that CloudFlare is setup on the domain:

And I can assure you that it is not.

I believe so. This is their last answer: Yes, I do understand how important this works for you. I’d like to inform that if you are using our CloudFlare, the DNS Records would only connect to CloudFlare using A Record and CNAMES only . It does not include any AAAA Records.
I am in contact with or System Engineer right now for more clarity about the AAAA Record. From our side, I could assure that the CloudFlare has been setup properly."

I’ll wait their response and let you now immediately.

A Cloudflare partner setup typically requires that your canonical URL be the www. version, not the naked domain. If you navigate to www., it will redirect to naked domain, but you can check the headers that the redirect was performed by Cloudflare. Only the 301 redirect is returning Cloudflare headers, not the page itself and its requests. This may be the reason why RL is not working properly.

I may be wrong on that one, please check with Hostinger, but last time I checked you had to opt between having a naked-domain canonical URL or a Cloudflare partner setup. Your alternatives would be to undo the Cloudflare setup via Hostinger and redo it directly with Cloudflare, or keep it with Hostinger and change your canonical URL to the www. version.

EDIT: and BTW, if you check the AAAA DNS record for the www. of your domain, you’ll see that it would work with the Cloudflare-issued IPv6 addresses that @sdayman mentioned.

ok, I ll discuss this too with Hostinger. I ll let you know as soon as they answer.

So, IPv6 address removed from Hostinger. They say it would take 30 minutes up to 1 hour for the wrong IP to get fully removed from the propagation

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Pls let me know what’s next. Thanks a lot

DNS has updated, and I’m not seeing any errors or rendering issues. Though it looks like you have Rocket Loader disabled.

Hi there, I couldn’t reply yesterday because seems that there’s a limit of replies in this community page. I wanted to ask if you can verify if my site and Cloudflare are working properly and if this Rocket Loader can be implemented. Thank you.

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