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Hello all,

I have set up CloudFlare for one of my domains that is hosted on a VDS. When I activate CloudFlare, robots of Facebook, Twitter, GTMetrix cannot fetch required information for them. When I debug this situation with Facebook URL Degubber and Twiter Card Validator, they all give errors such as “Couldn’t resolve host address”.

My DNS configuration is below.

Any help is appreciated.


The IP and domain seems to be wrong…:slight_smile: Do you have any firewall rules setup?

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My guess would be the OP posted a sample screenshot with similar settings, but then thats just a guess :).

@yenerunver, can you post the actual settings? Redact IP addresses if necessary.

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While it would be nice to have and and, t
hat was my first guess too. :grin:


This is the actual settings :grinning: I just changed the domain name to and IP address to from element inspection in developer tools before taking the screenshot.


Kinda hard to diagnose mechanical problems with a car by emailing the mechanic a picture… :slight_smile:

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I have disabled the CloudFlare temporarily until I fix the configuration


Do you want me to enable it again?


I enabled it again. We do not have additional firewall rules, besides the standard rules of Plesk panel.


Now it is all broken. Gives “too many redirects” error.


What is your SSL mode set to? Looks like it may be set to Flexible. If you have a certificate on your server (which you should!), switch it to Full and see if this fixes the issue.

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@domjh thank you man, setting SSL setting to Full solved the problem.

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No problem! If it is a valid certificate on your server, you should also be able to increase it to Full (strict), increasing the security further :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will do, thanks for the tip.

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