Ringtailsrest.com.au is not a registered domain

I recently registered 2 domains that I am trying to add to CloudFlare. Both domains were purchased at the same time through clickhost.com.au.

The .com domain (ringtailsrest.com) added with no issues and is now using CloudFlare nameservers.

The .com.au domain returns that it is not a registered domain with no error code - just the text.

Whois lookup returns all details as expected.

Dig (using CloudFlare as the resolver) returns nameservers as expected.

  • ns2.clickhost.com.au
  • ns1.clickhost.com.au

There is currently no hosting/website for either domain - no CNAME, A, MX etc.

Not sure what else I need to check? Can anyone offer any advice?

Let me know if I need to provide any more info.

The .com.au doesn’t resolve. It’s best if there’s something already there for Cloudflare can scan, even if it’s just a Parked Domain page.

Thanks for your response @sdayman

Unfortunately the provider that I bought the domains through do not provide DNS services - their domain services are just domains (they are apparently hoping to provide FreeDNS “in the near future”). Yeah, I know, I wish I was aware of that first.

Their suggestion was to use CloudFlare for DNS. I was able to add ringtailsrest.com to my account without any issue. But ringtailsrest.com.au comes up with it not being a registered domain.

Is there any issue with .au TLDs that could cause this?

My plan is to use Microsoft 365 for email, at this stage there will be no website (this will come later - >6 months - as the business gets closer to launch), so I really just need to add the required MX & TXT records.

I’ve just gone through and read further into the Lite Reading noted in the community tip you linked


It seems the issue could be that there is no SOA record.

Do I need to get the reseller/registrar to manually add the SOA? Will this likely fix the issue with adding this domain to CloudFlare?

A way to jumpstart the process is to use a free account at dns.he.net where you can add some placeholder DNS records with an IP address of for your domain name and the ‘www’ subdomain. Point your domain to the HE name servers, and Cloudflare should pick that up in about a day.


That’s great. Thanks for your help

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