Right way to cache wp-content and wp-includes

I noticed under Caching Overview > Cache performance that my site is 50% served by Cloudflare and 50% served by origin.

My website is built on WordPress. Majority of the missed cache are requests in the /wp-content/* directory.

Wanting to improve this (i.e., increase percentage served by Cloudflare), I created the following cache rule below, with an Edge TTL of 7 days and a browser TTL of 1 day.

Being a novice at all this and not having a technical background, I’d appreciate your feedback and opinion on the cache rule I made.

Hi there,

They way you’ve set those paths on the rule will not work.
Please delete the * from the value and it should be fine.

Take care.

Thank you mcorreia!

I’ve been browsing more community threads here and I saw a post suggesting that this can be achieved via Pages Rules too, would this be correct?

2nd question - between using Page Rule or Cache - which would be better?