Right dns settings for workers

Is this right? It would be great if getting started guide showed a picture with examples, or complete description of what to put in there, as I basically ignored it for lack of detail.

EDIT: CNAME shouldn’t be there for originless workers.

Haven’t seen the CNAME approach before, but I can say that the A or AAAA record (with their respective Content and Proxy status as pictured) is all you need for Workers. There simply needs to be a DNS record present, but it doesn’t really need to point anywhere (100:: is IPv6 discard prefix, and is part of a documentation/sample IP range).


This is valid, the A and AAAA records for an originless worker.

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I read in the forums cname ought to exist.

The www part isn’t mentioned in docs, according to forums just using @/root would’ve been wrong I think. I should probably edit the docs myself.

simply doing the www isn’t good, but adding it isn’t bad: Redirect www.example.com to example.com