RGPD and Axeptio


We are currently using a paid plan from Cloudflare and Axeptio (https://www.axept.io).

Axeptio serves as our GDPR manager, integrated through GPM.

We’re facing an issue where cookie consent is never accepted. We’ve reached out to Axeptio, but they’re unsure of what’s causing the problem.

I’m wondering if there’s anything we can do from the Cloudflare side, as this situation involves a three-way interaction: Axeptio, Cloudflare, and the hosting provider.


Hi @frederic6

In your analytics dashboard (press the link " Try our new Web Traffic analytics."), you will be able to see all traffic that are being routed through Cloudflare.

You will need to filter on the url/path that are holding your consent form. If you can find this, you will be able to see what staus codes are given on the path.

You might also see that it is being caught in your security setup, and then you need to create a skip rule.