Rewrite URL: replace hashtag # trough other char


we are using SAP fiori app after the users are getting authenticated from Azure SSO. Now we are facing a problem, that the url breaks after #tag.
Microsoft recommonation is, the replace the hashtag char “#” with “%23”.
For excample:

I try the solve this over Rules/Transform Rules. But didn´t find the right expression. May I ask you the help me in this issue.


The hashtag character indicates the beginning of the “fragment” element of the URL. It’s not passed by the browsers to the server, and even if it were, it would not be a part of either the path or the query string elements, therefore it cannot be used in Transform Rules.

In the case of Redirect Rules, it can be used only in the target URL.

You need to work with developers to change this character at the origin, or somehow handle it via JavaScript.



Thanks you for your fast answer. This basic behavior explains many things.


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