Rewrite url ?amp to /amp

can i rewrite the url to using cloudflare?

Transform Rules come to my mind, but haven’t tried them yet and not sure if it would work like that.

But, either if you set the up here at Cloudflare, maybe your origin host would show 404 not found if they aren’t being recognized and routed well in your application.

More information about them:

From my perspective, I would suggest to setup this at the origin host, if possible.

In case if you are using WordPress and AMP for WordPress plugin, you can select the “slash version” URL structure for your AMP version of posts/pages in the options of the plugin itself.

Furthermore, may I ask what is your case to have ?amp instead of /amp/?

Nevertheless, do not forget to enable the AMP Real URL option in Cloudflare dashboard under Speed → Optimization → scroll down to AMP Real URL.

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