Rewrite/Redirect Rule

I have a client that needs to have a redirect.

So they need anything with this URL and after to redirect. —>

So basically drop the /web and anything after /web/ect/ will need to redirect to anything after /ect/

Would this work?*

Forward URL = 301 Redirect$1

I can’t test right now because it doesn’t exist and would like to have this done before they go live in a few days.

Should work, I usually use this to redirect from both HTTP and HTTPS directly…


Note that page rules will be deprecated at some point in the future so you should look to implement using redirect rules later.

Ok. Thanks. Yeah, I was just going to set it up as a page rule and not just a redirect.

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Oh I just noticed what you said about page rules.I didn’t know that would be happening

So I guess this would be the best way

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