Rewrite end of URL


we have bots visitng pages like*/%b-%Y

i have tried this rule

but getting 400 errors.

Any idea how can i fix it?

Thanks in advance

What do you want to do with these bot requests? Normally you’d just ignore them or block them, rather than rewrite them to a working link.

Note that the “Static” box starts with a / so expects a path (see the e.g.), not something starting

Yes, just wanted to redirect them to the main path

but something isn’t working

keep getting 400 error

The 400 error is likely due to the % since that indicates URL encoding, so should be followed by 2 hex digits (should be followed by 2 characters - each 0-9, a-f, A-F) so when testing you will probably need to type into your browser to make the request to test your rule. (%25 represents a % character).