Rewrite doesn't work ssl error

I got 3 domains: example example-1 example-2 (all dot com)
when I tested everything at the beginning I setup my server for test.example-1dotcom without Cloudflare.
now I want all 3 domains to go to httpsexampledotcom
which works perfectly with example and example-2
but for the domain used previously to test I get an certificate expired error.
(I had to replace all .com with dotcom due to new user restriction)

my cloudlfare configuration:
DNS example-1dotcom
Rules exampledotcom:
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL: httpsexampledotcom/$1)

DNS example-1dotcom
Rules example-1dotcom
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL: httpsexampledotcom/$1)
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL: https://exampledotcom/$1)
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL:$1)

Rules example-2dotcom
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL: https://exampledotcom/$1)
(Statuscode: 301: Permanent, URL: https://exampledotcom/$1)

All domains have complete SSL modus
the SSL/TLS recomender is active

I have no clue why the domain I used for testing doen’t work with the Cloudflare ssl certificate.
Thanks for your help

It is difficult to understand what the issue is due to the formatting of your post.

My understanding is that you want all requests to, and to be redirected to$1. Is that correct?

For the page rules to work, the three DNS entries must be :orange:. Do you have any other page rules in place?

As you are redirecting all traffic for these hostnames, the target of the DNS entry, and the SSL Mode does not matter. No requests will be made to the origin for

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sry for the formatting.
I want all requests be rewritten from all domains and subdomains to$1
I got the cloud simbol for all A Level records and all cnames.
I got no other page rules. (1 for rewritting the www 2 for the other 2 domains and and an additional 1 rewriting

Edit: I just checked again it now seems to work. I don’t know why it took 5 hours for the rewrites of the one domain to take effect when the other two worked immidiatly. thanks for your help.